Behaviour Management

  1. This Code will be explained at school assemblies, at parent interviews, posters and documentation throughout the school, explanations within the classroom.
  2. Every student coming to Middle School West Auckland needs to be provided with every opportunity to succeed.
  3. All staff and students are expected to model the core values of the school
  • Excellence in learning
  • Collaboration and cooperation amongst students, families, whanau and the wider community.
  • Building of personal character through applied Christian values.
  • A strong emphasis on thinking skills and learners understanding how they think and learn.
  1. Staff need to provide a well prepared, well managed and consistent school and classroom environment.
  2. No student has the right to interfere in the learning of any other student (class, independent or PM programme).
  3. Students need to be pre-managed coming into class (and formally transferred when moving between class).
  4. Classes are NEVER to be unsupervised. Students are NEVER free to choose to leave the class of their own volition (if they do Admin must be notified immediately). They MUST NOT be in the common space during class time.
  5. If a student has to be removed from class – another student will take a note to the office. One of the Admin staff will come and extract the child.