Reporting and Assessment

Comprehensive formal reports are issued after the end of Term 2 and at the end of Term 4. Each project receives a full marking schedule aimed at improving the student's academic schooling. There is also constant verbal and/or written feedback to parents and children during the normal course of the school year. Parents are welcome to obtain feedback when they are in at the school and to ask for more formal appointments when they see the need. Emails are welcome and will be responded to promptly. Parents are also welcome to call in and observe part of their child’s class.

The school concentrates on students developing their ability to do all assessments effectively and to the best of their ability. Test sitting skills are practiced and developed through regular testing and assessment.


The main form of student work assessed is their eight completed projects in each year.

At the end of every second project (i.e. the end of each term), the students will also be tested in assessments based on the traditional subject divisions. This is to allow them and their parents to be sure that they are being advantaged by the mode of learning we are using and to give them a comparison against normal New Zealand school criteria. Some of their projects also require them to make clear subject divisions within the aspects they are studying.