What Students Say

Ethan de Raat

Ethan de Raat

It’s a big change for me to come to school as I have been home schooled previously, but it hasn’t taken long to get into the flow of it. I’m learning to manage time, and I know this year will prepare me well for when I go into Year 11. I will then be in classes of 30, and coming here is going to help me with the transition to big classes.

The projects are quite a big change for me. In home schooling, we used an American system that had videos. The projects offer more knowledge, and I’m finding it easier to learn new things yet stay on task.

Another big difference from home schooling is that I get to do Technology and Science experiments. I also like the Art and the Community Learning. It’s all good. It’s definitely a good school.





Zion Wong-See

I really like the small class sizes. Teachers are more able to help you, and you don’t have to wait long for their help. You can get to know them well. I can also see how much it has helped my brother.

I’ve enjoyed the Science I’ve been learning. It’s gone much deeper into the content than what I’d done before. It gives me a sense of mastery. I also really like Art.





Evelyn Faamoe

It’s been a great experience. I’m learning about things I’ve never studied before, eg in Science we are learning about nerve cells and plants.

I found the projects quite difficult at first and had to ask teachers for advice often. But it has started to get easier. I’m trying to complete more tasks and go into more detail. My parents can see the improvement.

I like the day structure, where we do the academic work in the mornings and the afternoons for art, sports, music and community learning and service. In community learning we have been to the library, and learnt to juggle with a professional juggler. We also do really cool stuff in Art and Technology.







Eugene Van Dalen

The projects have been a little difficult and stressful, but I’m developing and it’s fun and I will progress. Sometimes I think I can’t get there, and sometimes I find I do and my goal is to get better each project.

Compared with my other schools, I find it’s more flexible here in terms of the way we can do things, and I like that. The teachers are looking for effort.

At this school they look more deeply into of aspects of the world, for example in Social Studies we have learnt about the aborigines, Chinese propaganda, artificial intelligence and many more other different subjects. Also they think of all the subjects as important and so we pretty much include all the subjects in the day but every day we always include independent learning and progress on our project.